Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Me vs. the Scale

I waited about a week to step onto the scale again. If I stepped on everyday I think I would be more stressed out about the number, and fluctuations are bound to happen. I was 178.2! This means I dropped two pounds in a week! I am very excited and I am hoping the trend continues.

I have been doing very well with eating healthy. I feel like I just have a whole NEW mentality. Food is FUEL and that is it. I do not put things into my body that will make me feel worse, in the short or long run! My pants are fitting well again, so I must be about the same size as when I first purchased them about 4-6 months ago. Now to try and lose even more weight, I am excited and hopeful!

I guess the weight is not my BIGGEST concern, but I do want to weigh less. But some other goals that are important to me as well are more about toning up and increasing muscle mass while decreasing body fat. The main area of focus for me: my arms! I did not realize how they were slowly changing, they used to look strong and toned, now they have no definition.

In my toga picture is how my arms DID look a couple years back. In the other picture is how my arms look now. Ready, set, tone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vegtables can be fun

This is a picture or a carrot at my work. It grew like this naturally, I only took a picture to share it because I thought it was so funny. I know, at times my sense of humor can be immature, but it is healthy to laugh!! And my stomach hurt from laughing when I saw this.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay, got a crazy "Biggest Loser" scale. It will tell you your percent body fat, pounds of muscle, water retention, and BMI. It took a little time to set it up. I look at all the numbers, but the one I am most concentrating on is my weight. This morning I stepped on and it was 180.4 So that is my weight. I have not posted it yet, I am sure I was a little bit higher a couple weeks ago, but this is where I am now. I want to get my weight down to like 145 ideally, but I will start with a goal of 20 lbs.

I want to be 160 by June 1st.

There I said it. Now the real test will be if I can make it! Can't wait to keep you all posted.

In other news... guys suck. LOL. Most of my good friends are engaged, or planning on getting engaged in the near future, they are already with their future husbands. I feel like every week someone calls me or texts me telling me they are engaged. BLAH. I guess I am that age, 23. But I think it is young still for all my friends to be getting engaged already. Who knows, point being I am not engaged or planning on it anytime soon.

I met a guy I think is GREAT and I really feel a connection, and he told me so too, but I don't think it will work out. He goes out every night. EVERY night. I am young and love to have fun and go out, but not every night... oh well. So to make myself feel better I will go out with a girlfriend or two sometime soon and drink and flirt with other guys. LOL. Too bad with waitressing right now I work every Friday and Saturday night, the guys out on Sundays-Thursdays are slim pickings.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Beginning of March

I have not been on here lately, but things have been going well! I feel like my clothes are fitting better, which is always a good thing!

I did buy a scaled today, a Biggest Loser scale that measure body fat, BMI, and water retention I believe, but I have not figured it out and used it yet. More to come on that! I have also been doing well with drinking more water. I do not think I am up to 10 glasses a day which is my goal, but every day I try! And I am still not eating gluten, but the couple times where I did have a piece of bread at work or something because I was starving, I DID feel more bloated, especially the next morning. So I am still going to keep away from gluten.

Favorite on-the-go gluten free food: Jimmy John's lettuce wraps! You can get any type of sandwich in romaine instead of on bread! It is like I am eating a sandwich, there is variety, and they are delicious!!!

Big excitement: tried on a jean skirt in a size 8 and it fit! I can wear size 8 in skirts a lot of times, but never jeans! But it is a great feeling to fit into a smaller size than I normally ever wear. But, the skirt was cuter on the hanger than it was on me, I did not buy it!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The bitchy sales girl..

This weekend has been a long one. And... I've been in the pits really all weekend. It all started with the bitchy sales girl at Buckle. I go there to buy most all of my jeans, because they have a couple brands that work well with the big bottom type. I tried on probably 7 styles all in the same size I've been wearing for about a year now. Well, they were tight, and I was having a hard time fitting into anything. I could not pull any of the jeans over my butt even. Well, the sales girl asked if I wanted to try the next size, so I said sure. She brought me a couple pairs that were all TWO sizes bigger, and I was like... okay.. cuz that is what I asked for. So I try them on, and they are way to baggy, especially in the crouch area and at the top/waist area. So she asks how I like them, and at Buckle you have to walk out of the fitting room to see in the mirror. So... I SHOWED her how they were so lose and I could pull a 3 inch gap at the top, and she asks then if I want the size between those two sizes. Well, duh... that's what I wanted the first time we got another size. But I said no, I just felt I was not having shopping luck today, and I will come back. I just didn't want to deal with this particular girl anymore who I really felt was judging me and not helping me.

SOOO... at Buckle they give you a fit card with the styles and sizes you wear so you can shop easier the next time. She offers to make me a new size card. I take it, before looking at what she wrote, and she wrote down the size that was too big on me!!! I know I am not skinny, but I do not need snotty skinny sales people making me feel worse about myself! And I am honestly the nicest person, and very friendly to people in customer service. I work in customer service too! I would never treat someone like that for any reason, like I was being taunted without there ever having to even been words said.

I wish I could just speak my mind sometimes! But, I never have been able to.. it is definitely a weakness. I hide my true feelings under a mask of friendliness, and it is not always time to be friendly!

So, with that being the start to my weekend, I would have to say that self esteem was at a minimum all weekend. Not to mention being blown off by a guy I was supposed to hang out with on Friday night. He TEXTED like a half hour before I was supposed to see him with some lame excuse. And considering I still haven't heard from him, I think I will be ignoring him next time he tries getting a hold of me. But, as always my girl friends were there to hang out with and have a good time!

I NEED a fresh start tomorrow. I need motivation and confidence. Hoping I wake up with a positive outlook on the week!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alcohol is my dieting downfall!

I order gin and tonic or vodka and tonic when I go out, but even the alcohol alone with a no-calorie mixer is still around 100 calories a drink. Last night I had 4 gin and tonics... so 400 unnecessary calories after being so good and eating right all day. I don't go out every night or anything, it is usually once a week, twice at the most. I think it is hard being single out of a three year relationship because I want to be surrounded with friends and fun! I don't want to think about the ex, or think about new guys even, so I go out to have fun with my girl friends!

I wish I knew a way to overcome the calories on nights out. Maybe next time I should have a drink, then a water that looks like a drink (in a rocks glass with a lime), then a drink again? This way maybe I can cut half the calories and still have fun! I am going to give it a try next time I go out! I don't want to see all my hard work go down the drain because I want to have a few drinks every now and then...

Next time I go to Walmart I am getting a scale! I don't know my exact weight, and I need to keep track of it in the attempt to lose weight.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kids eat for $1.99

That was the special at work today. The thing is, my coworkers also eat for 1.99, by ordering a kids meal (don't ask why we don't get discounted food, because it is just crazy to me). Well, I didn't eat anything from work today, because of my dieting.

BUT THE THING IS, the kids meal fills up most adults. Why do we, as Americans, put too much food on our plates? Even kids are being served more food then necessary, but especially most meals for adults! I give meals to people that are easily enough food for 2 or 3 meals, just to watch them chow down the whole plate of food! I think a huge part is the urge to finish what is on your plate. Also, I think as Americans we just eat too fast. We don't sit down and take our time as necessary, taking small bites and taking time to chew.

Working in restaurants is almost eye opening... because at times I will literally be astonished with how much or how fast people can eat. Don't be afraid to take leftovers home in a to-go box! I know I always do! Which is another reason I am touchy on the subject because having to constantly watch what you eat, or worry about your weight, is not an issue for everyone. I guess I am jealous of those customers I have come in at 130lbs and down a 1/2 lb cheeseburger and fries with no consequence! lol. How nice it would be to not worry!